A 4-hour online workshop to develop the competencies needed to successfully deliver the life skills interventions using the WHEEL OF INDEPENDENCE™ framework and the online tool.

The aim of this training is to develop the skills needed to successfully use the WHEEL OF INDEPENDENCEframework, for non-Occupational Therapy trained staff. Whilst it is aimed at other staff, such as teachers, SENDCOs, teaching assistant and learning support staff, as well as support work in other settings such as play workers, it’s entirely suitable for an OT to attend along with the staff that will be delivering interventions the OT has devised.

Learning Outcomes

  • Define what independence skills are
  • Describe the WHEEL OF INDEPENDENCE™ framework and understand how it is used to develop independence skills
  • Understand how to carry out a baseline assessment on students to establish their starting point and how to record that within the online tool
  • Interpret the baseline assessment to decide which targets to work on for a student
  • Execute a simulated intervention session and assessment to use and practise all these principles as they would be used with real students

Format of the Session 

Online or face-to-face, for a small group of staff and it is a 4-hour workshop. Although the training is aimed at non-Occupational Therapists, OT staff are welcome to attend alongside their colleagues.

There will be plenty of time for feedback and questions. By the end of the training you will really understand how to use the framework to best effect to support the students and have practice

Cost – £500 

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