DLD Resources For Teachers & Parents

These leaflets have been designed for teachers and parents who are interested in knowing about the keys signs that might indicate that a child or young person has DLD and the strategies that could be implemented to support children with language difficulties, at home and in school. 

The blue one is for classroom practitioners and on one side lists the key areas that a child or young person may struggle with in class. The other side gives examples of ten key strategies that can be used to support pupils with language disorders in the classroom setting. 

The green leaflet has been designed for parents and carers. On one side there is a checklist of the signs that they should look out for if they think their child had DLD. It can be used to record observations over time and can make a good starting point for discussions with teachers/SENCOs about the concerns they have about their child’s understanding and use of language. The other side of this leaflet gives examples of how parents/carers can support their child’s communication.

Signs of DLD for teachers

10 key signs that indicate a child may have DLD.


Support strategies for teachers

Key classroom strategies to support children with DLD.


Signs of DLD for parents/carers

10 key signs that indicate your child may have DLD.


Support strategies for parents/carers

Key strategies to support your child with DLD.


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