Sue Marr

Trainer, Moor House Research & Training Institute, Moor House School & College
Specialist topics: Developmental Language Disorder (identifying the signs and strategies to support)

An experienced teacher in both mainstream and SEN settings, Sue began her career in a mainstream school and in 1996 started working for the London Borough of Bromley as KS2 specialist teacher in both their language units.

It was here that she began supporting pupils with DLD. Sue worked closely with Speech & Language Therapists (SLTs) to deliver specialist language teaching and supported pupils’ re-integration into mainstream classes.

In 2006, she joined the teaching staff at Moor House and has extensive experience of devising and delivering a mainstream curriculum that has been highly differentiated for the language needs of the pupils in her class. She has worked closely alongside speech and language therapists for many years to ensure that speech and language therapy can be integrated throughout the curriculum using a range of specialist systems.

In 2019, Sue was seconded to the Institute as a trainer to develop a range of courses for mainstream schools.

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