Lucy Hughes

Hughes,Mrs L,15117624 (web)
Research Speech and Language Therapist
Specialist topics: Developmental Language Disorder; Speech & Language Research; Conversation therapy

Lucy is a Highly Specialist Speech and Language Therapist with over 15 years’ clinical experience. Her doctoral research involved designing and trialling a new intervention for children with Developmental Language Disorder, which targets their everyday conversation skills. Lucy was employed as a Research Associate on the Word Retrieval and Development (WoRD) project, a research study which evaluated interventions for children with word-finding difficulties.

As a practitioner, she has worked with children and their carers across mainstream and special schools, health centres and pre-school language units. She also supports student therapists in her role as a Lecturer and Clinical Tutor at Reading University. Prior to retraining as an SLT, Lucy worked as a journalist and television producer, and completed an undergraduate degree in modern languages.

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